My Phallosan forte Review: What Kind Of Results & Gains Can You Expect From This Premium Extender?

Whether it is about penis enlargement, straightening or the improvement of erection quality, one device is on everyone’s lips: The Phallosan forte – but one looks in vain for user experiences about gains, before and after results or reviews that are authentic. That’s why I’m getting to the bottom of it today, trying to answer frequently asked questions and describing experiences from the forums as well as my own successes during the Phallosan forte review.

The product I used for my Phallosan forte review

Comprehensive information with pictures & videos, as well as the current price can be found at Swiss Sana: ▷ visit the official website.

Self-Confidence, Peace Of Mind & Much More:

It is not without reason that you consider taking measures to enlarge your penis. You’ve probably made bad experiences before, for example you’ve been laughed at because of the size of your penis in the communal shower during exercise or you’ve had an embarrassing situation with your sexual partner. Sometimes banal things and chains of events can cause your self-esteem, also called “ego”, to drop because you don’t think you are well stocked. Therefore, the decision to do something to prolong the penis is only yours and if you choose to do so, it’s perfectly alright and legitimate.

It is a reassuring feeling to have no fear of having to be satisfied with yourself and to enter into a relationship without any worries – and all this is achieved through penis enlargement with the Phallosan forte.

What Can The Premium Extender Help You With?

This article is primarily about my personal Phallosan® forte experiences and reviews from the forums. But for those of you who are not yet familiar with the product, I would like to list the areas of application mentioned by the manufacturer briefly – and I already anticipate that the experiences described in this Phallosan review relate primarily to the effect on penis enlargement and improving erection quality.

Penis enlargement in length and thickness

Phallosan stretches the penis tissue, which can lead to direct enlargement by stretching, as well as to permanent growth in length and size by the formation of new cells. Regular training can thus be a remedy for a penis that is too small, for hormonal or age-related regression of the limb and, of course, for strengthening self-confidence.

Straightening of the penis (for Peyronie’s disease/IPP)

The curvature of the limb, as is the case with IPP, can severely affect sexual life. According to the manufacturer, experience has shown that Phallosan can be used in a supportive manner and leads to a major improvement. Unfortunately, in the Phallosan forte review I cannot go into this problem in more detail, as neither me nor any of my friends show this disease. However, I found a lot of positive Phallosan forte experiences on the internet, which speaks for its effective and successful medical use.

Improvement of erection quality & function

Even with erectile dysfunction or poor erection quality, Phallosan often helps – experience shows that a harder, larger erection and the associated pleasure gain can usually be achieved after a short training period. In the Phallosan forte review I will naturally examine this and share my experiences with you.

Further information on possible gains and other results can be found on the official Phallosan® Website.

Phallosan forte results pictures of the most important parts

The Advantages – That’s Why The Phallosan Is So Popular!

Phallosan forte didn’t make it to the pharmacy because it doesn’t work – of course – and it’s the most popular penis enlargement tool in the community for a reason. But what exactly are the advantages compared to a penis pump or manual training?

  • Wearing Comfort: A significant advantage is the excellent wearing comfort of the Phallosan Forte. Through a gentle vacuum, the penis is held in the condom-like cylinder and stretched with the strap to the side. The device is very comfortable, adapts to any penis size (even during erections) and is almost invisible under clothing. The materials used are of very high quality, some of which are TÜV tested and easy to clean. You can find out in the test report whether my Phallosan experience matches the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Further Advantages: Before we dedicate ourselves to my actual Phallosan forte review, I’ll explain to you what distinguishes this extender from penis pumps and stretching devices: The possible effect is gentle but long-lasting, wearing times while seated and at night are possible. This makes the device much more comfortable than manual training that requieres you to integrate active training into your daily routine. The Phallosan still speaks for itself, as the product is advertised as a medical device and is available in pharmacies – even health insurance companies are supposed to cover costs in some cases. ▷ There is also a study on efficacy available here.

The Phallosan I bought vs the Sizegenetics extender that was for sale
More detailed information about benefits, certifications and warranty can be found here: ▷ About Phallosan.

How does Phallosan forte work?

Behind the Phallosan forte stands a company with more than 15 years of experience in penis enlargement, straightening and erection aid. This is a good indicator that speaks for mature technology. But how are gains and other results actually achieved? The principle is simple and quickly explained:

Continuous stretching stimulates the growth of cells, which leads to an enlargement of the tissue. Hence the name “orthopedic extension device”. Well, the applied principle is not new as different indigenous people in Africa or India have been using it for years to bring their phallus (penis) to impressive sizes. Also in medicine this procedure is not unknown: skin flaps are stretched to replace injured skin and even whole limbs like the leg can be extended by stretching.

I ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website – best price & good service: ▷ directly to Phallosan

Buy Phallosan forte for sale with a discount

My Phallosan forte Review: Introduction, First Steps & Tips

To give you a quick impression of the Phallosan, I will first introduce you to the scope of delivery, explain how to put it on and describe my experiences from the first time. I also have some tips for future users that will make your training easier.

The individual components of the Extender at a glance

  1. Adjustable waist belt with foam ring.
  2. Acorn bell with cuff condom in size L…
  3. Size M….
  4. and size S.
  5. Protector cap.
  6. Pull fork with strap for attaching the belt.
  7. Vacuum pump with a valve.

Also included in delivery:

  • 4 additional cuff condoms.
  • Instructions for use and a template to determine the size of the penis.

First Phallosan forte application: Here’s how it works!

The first time I was really curious how comfortable the system would be. After all, it should be worn for many hours every day and has to be taken off and put on again every time you go to the toilet. Firstly, a brief description of the Phallosan application process:

  1. First, measure the penis with the enclosed template to determine the correct bell or condom size – for me is was M.
  2. Now place the pump attachment on the chosen bell and turn it around to lock it in place.
  3. The next step is to put the elastic protector cap on the glans (used to protect against skin irritation).
  4. Insert the penis with its protector into the bell and roll off the cuff condom.
  5. The vacuum pump should now be operated 2-3 times, whereby the penis gently clings to the bell and condom.
  6. Finally, the foam ring is placed over the penis, the belt is looped around the hip and fastened to the drawbar.

My tip: Check out the manufacturer’s new video, where the application will be shown in detail: ▷ watch the video now.

First impression during my Phallosan review:

The application is actually very effortless. The individual parts are precisely manufactured and can be joined together quickly and easily. Also, the materials – medical silicone – feel very comfortable on the skin, do not scratch or itch.

At the first application, I also had an unavoidable erection – I am very sensitive – and this was possible without any problems. The materials stretch along with each other and there is no unpleasant feeling.

Wearing underneath clothing is possible without any problems, just like advertised by the manufacturer, and is not visible from the outside. Sitting, standing, running – everything is possible without restriction.

The parts that are essential for making Phallosan forte gains

Tips For Using And Maintaining The Extender

At this point I would like to share a few helpful tips I picked up after using the Phallosan for a while now:

  1. Baby powder dramatically prolongs the lifespan: I didn’t pay attention to this at first, but the condoms and the protector cap are dusted with a kind of talcum powder at delivery – this makes sense: It protects the material. In the exchange of experiences with other forum members, I came to this and now renew the powder regularly. The effect contributes noticeably to durability and hygiene. Baby powder for a few cents from the discounter is quite enough.
  2. Try going without the protector cap: Just at the beginning this cap is worth gold – that’s why it was included in the latest version of the extender. If you’ve got your penis used to the vacuum you can, however, skip it. Personally, I have a better feeling and the effect seems to be more intense.
  3. Rise as fast as possible: It always makes sense to exercise with caution. I have learned, however, that it is not worthwhile to stay in the green area of the traffic light system (see picture below) for a long time at the expense of progress. Nevertheless, always pay attention to your senses. I do it like this: In the morning I put on the belt, set it to “green” and change to a high level after the first toilet run.

Phallosan App: Progress, Before/After Prediction & Planning!

The manufacturer now offers a free app for Android and iOS, which not only tracks Phallosan forte gains but also predicts possible results. The app offers the following functions, among others:

  • Personal data is evaluated to make a before & after prediction
  • The training can be planned and monitored
  • The app calculates possible Phallosan gains from this data
  • There is a reminder function for training & break times
  • Comprehensive information about the extender is available

When I wrote this Phallosan forte review, the app didn’t exist yet. It has been available since the beginning of 2016 and I have already been able to try it out intensively. Even though I don’t necessarily need the functions today, they are worth gold for a beginner. I recommend it to every user, because it is definitely an enrichment for the Phallosan experience!

Below you will find some screenshots of the app from my smartphone. More information about the use and availability of the application will be available soon from the manufacturer, here: ▷ To the manufacturer’s website.

Information about alternative results in app
App showing possible gains after 18 weeks.

Results of my Phallosan experience

Impressions and successful results I gained during my Phallosan review: I’ve been using the device for little over half a year now and will continue to use it – to cut a long story short: My Phallosan forte results were and are very positive. From simple handling to excellent wearing comfort and of course the gains of more than 1.3″ in 6 months, the extension device really does keep a lot of what the manufacturer promises.

I have already spend several hours trying out other methods (manual training & pumping) before finally choosing the Phallosan forte, so I am especially impressed by the fact that this extender saves an incredible amount of time. The training is purely passive and yet you can celebrate visible Phallosan gains – even as an experienced user.

Before-After: My Phallosan Forte successes

  • Penis Size: As I was able to improve the length and thickness of my penis as an experienced pump-/stretchguy by close to one inch, it surprised me all the more that I achieved further growth during my Phallosan review. The magnification is considerable, especially in the flaccid state. My erection has become another 1.3-1.4″ longer and about one inch thicker. I did some jelqing at the beginning, since about 4 months I exclusively relied on the Phallosan.
  • Erection Quality: I tend to exaggerate, and because I had a real problem with my penis size, I was never “squeamish” during training. Exaggerated stretching had a negative effect on the quality of my erection, and I was able to compensate for that by jelqing, but it remained a problem. After I replaced manual stretching with the extension device, the erection quality came back almost instantly – even more: it’s better than ever since the Phallosan forte review!
  • Ease: For me, actually the biggest advantage of my experiences with the Phallosan. I don’t want to spend an hour of active training every day as I did before. Maybe I could increase my gains even more, but it’s not worth it to me. The Phallosan forte is simply ingenious: you put it on, put normal clothes on and wear it for 6-12 hours – that’s it.
  • Self-Confidence: Even though my previous gains have already boosted my self-confidence, my Phallosan forte experiences have certainly further strengthened my belief that you can achieve anything if you only get involved enough and don’t lose your motivation.

Update 01.01.2017: Total length increase 2.1″, thickness 1.6″.

Experiences and successes of users from the forums

If you look at the Phallosan results and experiences from the forum, most of my impressions are reflected. An example of this is the report by a certain user, who could celebrate his first “breakthrough” in penis enlargement with the extender.

It is emphasized again and again that the comfort, as well as the low training effort, make the Phallosan undoubtedly the best device to naturally enlarge the penis. In my active time, I have often witnessed users of pumps and alternative products. At some point, you lose the desire – understandably, because who has time to spend an hour or more a day with the penis training?

Phallosan Forte Study Results: What does science say?

What is special about this extender is that it is the only known tool I know of for penis enlargement that is scientifically based. The Phallosan forte study was monitored and evaluated by two German physicians and the study participants were examined for the following criteria:

  • Penis length & thickness,
  • sensitivity,
  • sexual and
  • ejaculation behaviour as well as
  • side effects.

Both young men and older men with and without pre-existing conditions took part. The results or measured before-after successes can be found on the following website, in the menu under the tab “Clinical Study”: ▷ show the study on the Swiss-Sana website.

FAQ: Questions About The Phallosan® I Get Asked A Lot

Although training with the Phallosan forte is simple and self-explaining, a lot of readers sent me questions over the last months. You should be cautious when placing your order because there are so many fakes out there on the market that not only bring zero results but might even hurt you. I tried all the alternative ways from Amazon, Ebay to the Pharmacy and compared pricing as well as service. Make sure you read my guide before buying your Phallosan.

Where should you buy the Phallosan forte?

The extension device is available in the pharmacy and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. After an extensive service test and price comparison (for more detailed information scroll further down) I decided to place an order with the manufacturer – there you will find the best price, the employees are competent and very accommodating while the delivery was absolutely discrete. The shop is located here: ▷ to the official shop.

How often and for how long should I wear the extender?

Very roughly: Daily and between 6-12 hours with short breaks. Considering my Phallosan forte experience, I would say that the workout will produce the best results if you wear the extender for as long as possible. On average it should be 10 hours a day and at least 5-6 times a week – since you can use the stretcher in your sleep, this is no challenge.

What Phallosan results can a beginner expect?

As described above, I had already achieved success with manual exercises and penis pumps before I did my Phallosan forte review. For a beginner, the Phallosan successes will be even better. I have observed this many times and in general it is the case that you can achieve the best results when you are new to penis enlargement techniques.

Can anyone make gains with the extender?

The principle of tissue stretching works for everyone, but the starting point is probably the decisive factor. Provided that everyone approaches the work with the extension device with the same enthusiasm. This is supported by the countless positive Phallosan forte results from the community. Whether it will be 0.5, 1 or even 3 inches in the end, I can’t promise you. Find out in your own review.

Can Phallosan forte cause side effects?

This point is very individual, but I take my Phallosan experience to evaluate this: I was able to detect slight swelling on myself at first when I hadn’t put the condom or bell on correctly – but these weren’t painful and disappeared after a few minutes (it was probably lymph fluid). Other users also generally do not report side effects. If in doubt, I recommend that you contact the manufacturer or the pharmacy. The information, including the pharmaceutical central number, can be found here: ▷ to the Swiss-Sana website.

Conclusion Of My Phallosan Review: It Is Worth The Money…

… even more, the increase in self-confidence that training with such a device can bring you is priceless. You only come to the realization when you have experienced it yourself. My personal Phallosan forte experience looks like this: Effective penis enlargement as well as improvement of erection quality and all that comparatively easy and comfortable, without annoying training. So I come to this conclusion in my Phallosan forte review and give a clear recommendation to anyone who either has problems with his penis or just wants to make gains. Growths of 2 inches are not uncommon – who will not be curious!?

Here is a screenshot of the original shop (11/29/2017) that you can click on to order the Phallosan at the best price:

screenshot of the official shop where the phallosan is for sale
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